Hancock Museum

: Barras Bridge, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, NE2 4PT

: All Year Long (Except. Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day.) Weekdays 10am To 5pm, Saturday 10am To 4pm & Sunday's 11am To 4pm.

: Free for all.

The Hancock Museum Is On Of Many In Newcastle. The Great North Museum: Hancock Is Only A Five Minute Walk From Haymarket Metro Station.

The Hancock Museum Includes A Large Scale Of Interactive Models Of Hadrian's Wall, Major Displays Showing The Wonder & Diversity Of The Animal & Plant Kingdoms, Spectacular Objects From The Ancient Greeks & Mummies From Ancient Egypt, A Planetarium & A Life Size T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton.

The Living Planet Display Houses Hundreds Of Creatures & By Using A Mixture Of Touch Screen Technology & Hands On Investigations, Visitors Can Investigate These Animals & Find Out Where They Live & How They Survive In Such Extreme Places As The Arctic & Desert.

Live Animal Tanks & Aquaria Are Integrated Into This Major Display Where Visitors Can See Wolf Fish, Pythons & Lizards To Name A Few. Star Objects Include A Full Size Model Of An Elephant, A Great White Shark, A Virtual Aquarium, Live Animal Displays, A Polar Bear, A Giraffe & Moa Skeleton.

NEW FOR 2015: Unknown Yet.

The Hancock Museum Have 2 Machines With 4 Different Pennies But 8 Different Designs.
Each & Every Penny Press Costs&& Both Machines Are Hand Cranked.

 (1st Machine & Retired Pennies Have A Dotted Border Outline) & (2nd Machine Of Pennies Have A Straight Border Outline)

To See Information On The Pressed Pennies Just Hover Over The Top Of The Picture & Click.

The Penny Press Machine Is Located In The Museum Entrance/Exit On The Ground Floor In The Corner Of The Gift Shop.

The Penny Press Machine Is Located In The Museum On The First Floor At The Back, Near Window Not Far From The Toilets. (26th June 2013)

The Hancock Museum Penny Press Machine Had 1 Penny Design. (Cost 50p & 1p.)

I've Collected My Penny Presses In 2012 & 2013

Was Not Was - Walk The Dinosaur.mp3

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