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: 10 Shambles, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 7LZ

: CLOSED It's Doors For The Last Time On 31st October 2013.

The Shambles Is A Bustling Centre Piece Of Historic York. If You Want To know York, You Need To Know The Shambles. The Way That Fifteenth Century Buildings Lean Into The Middle Of The Cobbled Street Means That The Roofs Almost Touch In The Middle. This Is Mentioned In The Domesday Book (Making It Date Over 900 Years), We Know The Shambles To Be York's Oldest Street, & Europe's Best Preserved Medieval Street. It Really Is A Very Special Place.

The York Past Images Studio's Photo Shop Had 1 Machine With 4 Different Penny Designs.
Each & Every Penny Press Cost&& The Machine Was Hand Cranked.

To See Information On The Pressed Pennies Just Hover Over The Top Of The Picture & Click.

The Penny Press Machine Was Located In The Window Outside The Past Images Photo Studio's Shop In The Middle Of The Shambles.

(Penny Press Machine Relocates To The Mr Sandwich Shop)

I've Collected My Penny Presses In 2012

Mary Hopkins - Those Were The Days.mp3

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